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What To Know About Influencer Marketing On TikTok

If you're involved with digital marketing in any capacity, or an avid consumer of social media, there's a good chance you've heard of TikTok by now. TikTok describes itself as a 'platform that brings joy to millions'. If you've spent anytime on TikTok yet, you know that's absolutely true. Once you log on to the Vine like app, you won't want to log off. No, seriously...I have to give myself time limits on the app so I don't keep scrolling for hours. When the app first came out I said to myself "Oh sh*t, you know you're officially getting old when a new social media app comes out primarily used by the younger generation." But as I do with all new digital marketing platforms, I dove in head first to see what it's all about.

Not long after being a consumer of the app myself, I quickly began introducing it to my digital marketing clients as I realized how great this app is for influencer marketing. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, or even YouTube, users have a much higher chance of going viral on TikTok.

What does this mean for influencer marketing exactly? Well, it means that brands are now able to dive back into the micro-influencer community with a bang. While I'm a huge advocate of working with micro-influencers on every and any platform that applies to your brand, TikTok is a completely new territory where you can gift a TikTok user with a very low following and have a great chance of getting your product seen by hundreds, thousands, or even millions with the simple use of hashtags, music, and video editing.

How to use influencer marketing as a brand:

  • Understand how the app works: You don't need a profile to download the app and start using it however it helps. There's two sections of TikTok: 'For You' and 'Following'. Your 'Following' tab will show videos from users you follow where as the 'For You' tab will show you a selection of videos that TikTok curates for you.

  • Paid Advertisements on TikTok: Brands rejoice! TikTok allows for social ads on their app.

  • Trending Hashtags: Hashtags are king on TikTok. While your influencers will know what's trending (as they change daily), I suggest requesting upon gifting or contract that your influencers include at least 2 trending tags on their video - although, it's very likely that they will do this anyway as it's a great way to garner engagement and views.

  • TikTok Is Rolling Out A Test Phase For Links In Bios: One of the biggest flaws on TikTok in my opinion is that not all users can house a link in their bio. TikTok hack: ask your influencers to enroll in TikTok's testing feature so they can include a link to your products or services in their bio. Here's a great tutorial to share with them!

  • Don't be Too Picky: *Gasp* Yes, I'm telling you not to be too picky with your influencers aesthetic and look and here's why: Gen Z and other TikTok users don't curate their feed as much as influencers do on Instagram...which I assume many would agree that the lack of curation makes TikTok's content that much more authentic and engaging.

  • Have fun!

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